I am a life long animal lover!  I have a 15 yr old Dog and two 4 yr old sister cats .  All of them are rescues. Since I was a child my pets have always been rescues.  My whole family and all of my friends have rescues as well. I surround myself with people who share my passion for animals large and small.  It probably comes as no surprise than that when I started thinking about opening an online store I immediately knew I wanted to incorporate helping animals.  I first thought I would just sell pet products and donate a portion of the sales to a shelter. The more I bounced the idea around the more I felt I wanted to not limit my products to just pet supplies and I really wanted the customer to be able to participate as well.

That was how I came upon my site theme.  FOR PETS SAKE  Every purchase of any product can be rounded up to help the ASPCA; a not for profit national organization whose goal is to help animals in danger and stop animal abuse. Every area of the country has their own SPCA that handles the surrounding towns, cities, or villages.  The SPCA houses,treats,trains and adopts out animals that their agents have rescued from inhumane situations. People also surrender their pets to the SPCA when they cannot care for them, or no longer want them.   Even if every pet we have through the years is a rescue, each of us can only rescue so many animals.  ASPCA can help so many more.

 I promise to carefully search through my suppliers inventory to bring you the most interesting, high quality products at a fair price and  share the newest and latest information on helping your pets.

All Items are shipped from my various warehouses located in the US and abroad. please keep this in mind when waiting for delivery.  I discount my prices by around 30% to help make up for the slightly longer wait time. I promise its worth the wait.

Thank you for shopping my Boutique and helping the animals!!